A storyteller that spins tales within a variety of genres

Greg J Porter

I am a freelance copywriter, storyteller, actor, stand-up comedian, pop culture commentator and various other things that leave me too busy for a ‘proper job’.

Born and raised in Essex and London, I now live in Devon with my partner and dog. To the disappointment of taxi drivers across the nation, I am not a famous American jazz singer.


My Books

A storyteller that spins tales within a variety of genres, taking readers on a journey they will never forget. If you dare enter the Weird Wide World of Greg J Porter, you’ll have the time of your life – but you may not be the same when you leave.

Dream Lover
Sins for the Fathers
Weird Wide World

My Reviews

Where My Books Are Published

All three of these titles are available for purchase from your local Amazon store, in both Kindle and Paperback editions – including complimentary download as part of the Kindle Unlimited service. 


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Coming Soon

My next work will be Greg J Porter’s Monster Mash, a new anthology of short fiction that provides a unique twist on classic horror tropes such as the Frankenstein Monster, Mr. Hyde, the Doppelganger and more.

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